Cédric Gérôme: The people want to overthrow the system


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The people want to overthrow the system

Revolution and counter-revolution in Tunisia (2010-2013)

History is written by the victors, in wars as in revolutions. For the capitalist classes the world over, playing down the capacity of working people to change society is always a central part of that exercise. Demonstrating the opposite, by revisiting the most important period of the Tunisian revolution, is a central thread of this book.
Cédric Gérôme is a member of the International Executive of International Socialist Alternative. He has visited Tunisia on numerous occasions, including during the revolutionary events of January 2011. He has written extensively on North Africa and the Middle East.
  • ISBN 978-1-716-23403-3
  • Published by ISA in 2021
  • 256 pages